MED-EL WaterWear for OPUS 2 and SONNET Coming Soon


MED-EL announced that WaterWear covers for the OPUS 2 and SONNET processors will be available late summer 2016 in the United States. Note that Zinc-Air batteries do not work in an airtight environment, so most likely 675 LR44 button cells will need to be used in conjunction with WaterWear.

In related news, MED-EL also received FDA approval for a rechargeable battery for the SONNET processor, which may work in conjunction with the WaterWear, making 675 LR44 batteries unnecessary. Also, a Mini Battery Pack and Cable have been approved for the SONNET, which may be an off-ear power solution unrelated to WaterWear.

Cochlear Tests Single-Unit Processor


Cochlear is testing a single-unit external processor similar in form factor to the MED-EL RONDO.  With a code name, or perhaps eventual market name of Kanso, the processor operates on 2 675P high-power zinc-air batteries.  And like the RONDO, a tether is available to help retain the processor if it falls off.

Kanso safety line.PNG

Unlike the RONDO, the Kanso has a multi-function button which enables a small set of adjustments.   In child mode, the button is used to change programs.  To change volume or sensitivity, the audiologist must enable the features to be adjusted by the CR210 Remote Control or the CR230 Remote Assistant.

Combinations of long and short presses on the button allow the user to select external inputs, including a built-in telecoil and a sequence of any paired wireless accessories. The wireless capability is a substantial difference between the Kanso and the RONDO.

Kanso parts

The two microphone ports allude to some implementation of a zoom feature, which is helpful in noisy situations.  Like the RONDO, the processor sits directly over the implant magnet, which may not be the ideal location.  A zoom program is likely to be very useful.

The Kanso is programmed to work with only one implant, so it won’t work if you are bilateral and put it on the wrong side.  It does not seem to have the capability of recognizing which ear it is on and loading the appropriate programs.

To learn more about the Cochlear Kanso, read the draft User Guide.

MED-EL SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant System FAQ

SYNCHRONY-systemHere are some FAQs about the new MED-EL SONNET processor, SYNCHRONY implant, and WaterWear accessory for RONDO.

Some interesting new details are included:

  • The SYNCHRONY implant achieves its high 3.0T MRI rating (in currently approved countries) by the use of an internal magnet that can rotate due to the magnetic field of the MRI.
  • The WaterWear accessory is intended to be used with rechargeable 675 batteries.
  • In the ‘truth in advertising’ department, the FAQs says that the processor is the ‘smallest and lightest audio processor for cochlear implants.’ The thickness of the SONNET processor is listed at 5.9 mm.  While the narrow ends of the bevel around the edge of the processor are indeed 5.9 mm, the body is 9.3 mm thick.  Both the 9.3 mm thickness and the 56.7 mm height are greater than the corresponding dimensions of the  competition.  Dimensions are specified in this MED-EL document.

WaterWear Accessory for RONDO

MED-EL joins the pool party with a waterproof cover for the RONDO processor!  It looks like a two-piece conforming bag with a sticky seal. Thanks to Bob MacPherson for pointing out that the IP68 rating implies a truly waterproof seal, which means the zinc-air batteries would likely need to be replaced by 675 LR44 button cells.

A small hole is provided for a tether.  We will have to wait and see if MED-EL will provide the tether, or if is up to the user.

The Nammu Swim Hat looks like a great option for keeping the RONDO in place while using the WaterWear accessory!


MED-EL RONDO and OPUS 2 User Manuals Now Available!

opus 2 indicator lightHave you ever forgotten how to pair a FineTuner with your RONDO or OPUS 2?  Or have you gotten a blinking pattern on the LED, and wondered what it meant?  You can carry around your user manual until it become dog-eared, or you can just bookmark the files on!

Your user manual for the RONDO and OPUS 2 will always be available here at  Bookmark the links, or look for them on our Guides page.

FDA Approval – Now What?

product-launchMED-EL recently rolled out the RONDO processor.  Cochlear has just received FDA approval for the Nucleus 6.  And AB is awaiting FDA approval for the Naída CI.  Why isn’t the new hardware available as soon as it has been approved?

Two executives from Advanced Bionics offer some insight into the process of launching a new product, including the risks and challenges of getting the product to market as soon as possible.

Read more here.

MED-EL double processor offer

2 Ways to Hear


As of today, May 23, MED-EL will have a special offer for RONDO and OPUS 2 – it’s called “2 Ways to Hear.” Basically, it means that anybody who chooses a MED-EL cochlear implant from now until December 31, 2013, will receive both the RONDO single-unit processor and the OPUS 2 behind-the-ear processor. This offer is not restricted to any specific country.

Read details on the global press release, and on the US press release.