Health Canada Approves new Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Processors

Eagle-eyed Bob MacPherson has struck gold again, uncovering Health Canada approvals for both Advanced Bionics‘ and Cochlear‘s new sound processors! Following is a list of specific components licensed:

Advanced Bionics


  • Naida CI Q70 (processor)
  • Zinc-Air battery pack
  • T-mic 2
  • 3 rechargeable battery sizes
  • Power adapter (charger?)
  • CPI-3 (programming hardware?)



  • CP 910 Processor
  • CP 920 Processor
  • Accessory adapter
  • Bilateral personal audio cable
  • Coil & Cable
  • Integrated Coil
  • Lapel mike
  • Litewear (off-ear battery option)
  • Magnet
  • Mains isolation cable
  • Monitor earphones
  • Personal audio cable
  • Portable phone cable
  • Programming shoe with cable
  • Standard battery module (compact battery seems to missing)
  • CP920 coil cable (tighter bend, since there is no accessory port to block)
  • Charging kit
  • Remote controls (CR210 & CR230)
  • Intraoperative remote assitant (to check functionality in the OR)
  • Power Domes, speaker unit, and earhook for acoustic stimulation hybrid operation
  • Processing unit plug
  • Stetoclip (sounds surgical)

Bonus points go to Cochlear for providing lots of accessories, such as the bilateral personal audio cable!  The portable phone cable is interesting – is this in addition to a wireless means of connecting to cell phones, or instead of one?

Advanced Bionics Receives Worldwide Approval for HiRes Optima Strategy

Advanced Bionics announces regulatory approval from FDA, Health Canada, and TÜV for HiRes Optima.

HiRes Optima is a modification of the HiRes Fidelity 120 strategy, and is intended to optimize power efficiency. This new strategy improves battery life without compromising the listening benefits of the HiResolution bionic ear system. AB cochlear implant recipients using this new technology enjoy an average improvement of 55% in battery life, giving them considerably more time to hear their world before needing to change a battery.