Health Canada Approves new Advanced Bionics and Cochlear Processors

Eagle-eyed Bob MacPherson has struck gold again, uncovering Health Canada approvals for both Advanced Bionics‘ and Cochlear‘s new sound processors! Following is a list of specific components licensed:

Advanced Bionics


  • Naida CI Q70 (processor)
  • Zinc-Air battery pack
  • T-mic 2
  • 3 rechargeable battery sizes
  • Power adapter (charger?)
  • CPI-3 (programming hardware?)



  • CP 910 Processor
  • CP 920 Processor
  • Accessory adapter
  • Bilateral personal audio cable
  • Coil & Cable
  • Integrated Coil
  • Lapel mike
  • Litewear (off-ear battery option)
  • Magnet
  • Mains isolation cable
  • Monitor earphones
  • Personal audio cable
  • Portable phone cable
  • Programming shoe with cable
  • Standard battery module (compact battery seems to missing)
  • CP920 coil cable (tighter bend, since there is no accessory port to block)
  • Charging kit
  • Remote controls (CR210 & CR230)
  • Intraoperative remote assitant (to check functionality in the OR)
  • Power Domes, speaker unit, and earhook for acoustic stimulation hybrid operation
  • Processing unit plug
  • Stetoclip (sounds surgical)

Bonus points go to Cochlear for providing lots of accessories, such as the bilateral personal audio cable!  The portable phone cable is interesting – is this in addition to a wireless means of connecting to cell phones, or instead of one?