Irish Health Minister: “Priority” to offer children bilateral cochlear implants in 2014

05032013-eu2013-informal-meeting-of-ministers-390x285In the continuing saga of the Irish Happy New Ear campaign, Irish Health Minister James Reilly has said that providing children with bilateral cochlear implants in 2014 is “a high priority” for the government.

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Sinn Féin Comments on Bilateral coverage in Ireland

Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams

CochlearimplantHELP has been reporting on the lack of coverage for bilateral implants for children in Ireland, and following the Happy New Ear Campaign since its inception. Now Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams lends his support!

Happy New Ear Campaign in Ireland

Parents at Beaumont Hospital in Ireland have started a campaign to try and get health care coverage for bilateral implants for their children.  We first reported the single implant per child last month here.

Now these parents have created a video letter to the Minister of Health to plead their case.

Irish Children Don’t Receive Bilateral Coverage

Deaf babies in Ireland enjoy a head start, frequently getting a cochlear implant at 7 months.  However, the Health Services Executive does not provide funding for bilateral implants.  Read about the struggle in the Irish Examiner.