Get Ready for Summer with Ci Wear and Nammu

Cochlear implant HELP, Ci Wear, and Nammu Hats have gotten together to offer you discounts until May 31st.  Just use discount code cochlearimplantHELP to redeem this special offer.

While all cochlear implant companies have waterproof solutions, Ci Wear and Nammu Hats complete the package with innovative methods of securing your processor.

Ci Wear surf

Ci Wear is the “perfect accessory,” proclaims audiologist Joan Hewitt. The patented shirt is designed with sleeve pockets to secure and help protect your cochlear implant processor(s). Use as a rash guard/ swim t-shirt in the water or as sports apparel on land, Ci Wear keeps you connected while offering sun protection, comfort, flexibility, style and confidence during all kinds of sports and recreational activities. Available in youth and adult sizes.

With discount code cochlearimplantHELP, you can get free shipping until May 31st, 2017, to the United States.

Nammu on Aqua Accessory

Nammu Hats are a great solution for kids and adults to keep cochlear implant processors securely in place, comfortably and fashionably, while swimming.

Wear a Nammu Hat with any of the solutions where you put the processor in a waterproof bag.  The bag by itself may keep the processor dry, but it doesn’t secure the processor.  With a Nammu Hat, you can swim, play, and even dive into the water! It works great for swimming lessons, playing with friends, or even just swimming laps.

Stock up now on extra shirts and hats so you can spend less time worrying about your processor, and more time swimming!

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New Nammu Hat with Visor

blue-nammu-visor-both-300x300Nammu Hats has just released a new version of the famous Nammu Hat with a sun visor.  Now you can clip your a Neptune processor to the hat, or tuck a processor in a waterproof bag beneath it, and be secure in protecting your processor and your vision at the same time!

Here’s how to swim with your processor using a Nammu hat.

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How to swim with YOUR CI processor

Recent advances in cochlear implants have enabled some of us to go swimming with our ears on.  Advanced Bionics’ Neptune is the only waterproof processor. But not everybody has one, or is in a position to get one.

Cochlear’s Aqua Accessory is a single-use plastic bag designed for the Nucleus 5 processor.  Usable for up to one or two hours, depending on your location, “Your Nucleus Global Limited Warranty will not be void in circumstances where the Aqua Accessory is used in water with a CP800 series sound processor only, in accordance with the Aqua Accessory instructions.”

The Aqua Accessory’s position on the ear makes sense for a BTE processor, but may not be the best location for water activities.  Because it is a big flap extending behind your ear, it can come off when you jump in the water.  It’s certainly a good idea to use a tether at a minimum, and a swim cap and goggles are even better.

The aLOKSAK bag from LOKSAK is hermetic and certified waterproof up to 200 feet (60 meters) depth.  You can put your processor in a reusable aLOKSAK bag, and tuck the bag under a Nammu swim hat.  Dive, jump, surf, and splash all day long!

Because this solution doesn’t come from the cochlear implant manufacturers, use it at your own risk.  However, we have tested this in lots of situations, including on the incredible FlowRider.


Surf until you wipe out, then 35,000 gallons of water per minute carries you to the top of the ramp and over the lip, where you hit the padded wall.  And the Nammu swim hat never comes off!

The aLOKSAK/Nammu combination works with any BTE processor, and also MED-EL’s one-piece RONDO.  The smallest bag, aLOK3-3X6, is large enough to hold any recent BTE processor and headpiece.

Nammu Swim Hat


Use the Nammu Swim Hat to go swimming with your cochlear implant processor!

The Aqua Accessory from Cochlear, and the aLOKSAK bag from, well, LOKSAK, are waterproof bags that can protect your BTE cochlear implant processor from water damage. Unfortunately, the bags can come off pretty easily if you jump in the pool or do just about anything at a water park.

The Nammu Swim Hat is a stylish way to secure your processor to your head. Our resourceful friend Ben demonstrates how to use the Nammu Swim Hat.

  • The Nammu Hat is comfortable!  It’s easy to put on, and doesn’t tug at your hair when you take it off.
  • While the Aqua Accessory is designed to sit on your ear, it can be rotated up so that it is completely under the Nammu Hat.  Just make sure to keep the headpiece magnet in the correct location.  This prevents water from getting underneath it and pulling the whole assembly off.
  • The aLOKSAK bag doesn’t sit on your ear at all, so it has to go under the Nammu Swim Hat.

The hats used in the video were generously provided by Nammu.

Many thanks to the Leventhal-Sidman JCC for the use of the pool to create the video.