Getting connected

If you’ve found a great way to connect for some situation, please tell us about it with the Contact  form!

Hearing in the classroom

Being able to hear well in school is critical for your child’s speech and academic development.

Listening to a portable device

Do you dream of dancing to your own beat?  Or perhaps just blending with the drones on the  train, all listening to their own private music?

Using the telephone

The telephone is the elephant in the living room.  Or in your pocket.  While telephone use may be a stretch goal, these tips may help you along the way.

Watching TV

Ah, the great American pastime.  If you find that you are getting too much activity and that your muscle tone embarrasses others, sit back on your recliner, grab a cold drink from its built-in fridge, and learn how to watch TV and hear it at the same time.

Listening to a computer

I’m sorry, Dave.  I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments are designed to, well, play music.  You might think that you would be happy just to hear the sound coming from one.  Try this if you want the ultimate listening experience.