Cochlear Aqua+ Demonstration and Review

Aqua+Cochlear’s new Aqua+ waterproof sleeve for the Nucleus 5 and Nucleus 6 processors hits the water park just in time for summer! Ben Borhegyi demonstrates how to assemble the Aqua+, and gives us his first impressions and recommendations.

Ben says:

“I tried the Aqua+ from Cochlear with my N5 processors. I think the Aqua+ is an improvement over the Aqua accessory because it’s reusable, more comfortable, and more secure. It’s easy to put on over the N5 processor and to attach the coil. It’s more comfortable and can sit on my ear without needing anything to secure it. I could wear it all day, but it is noticeable. Overall I like the product and I look forward to using it this summer.”

What you get

BoxesBoxes with some Mic Lock-Stirrups,  one Aqua+ Coil, a magnet for the coil, and two Aqua+ sleeves.

Safety line

You also get a safety line, which clips onto your clothing, swim cap, or goggle strap to retain the Aqua+ and your processor if it comes off of your ear.

Waterproof box

You can use this waterproof box to store and protect your headpiece and ear hook while you are swimming.

Aqua+ Instructions

Cochlear Aqua+ FAQs

FAQs about Cochlear customer support about the upcoming waterproof sleeve for the Nucleus 5 and Nucleus 6 processors!

Q: What is the Aqua+?
A: The Aqua+ is a soft, flexible silicone sleeve that fits over an existing
CP810 or CP900 series processor. When used with the Aqua+ Coil, it allows
CI recipients to participate in water activities where additional
protection is needed.

Q: Is the Aqua+ waterproof?
A: Yes. The Aqua+ has achieved an IP68 ingress protection rating in 3
metres of still water for 2 hours. Cochlear also performed extensive “real
life” testing to simulate bathing in soapy water and swimming in
chlorinated or salt water.

Q: Which processor(s) is it compatible with?
A: The Aqua+ is designed to work with Nucleus 6 CP910 or CP920 processors
and the Nucleus 5 CP810 processor with rechargeable batteries only.

Q: Can I use my regular coil and coil cable with the Aqua+?
A: No, the Aqua+ should only be used with the specified Aqua+ Coil. This
integrated coil-cable is designed specifically for underwater swimming in
all water types, while your standard coil and coil cable are not.

Q: Can people re-use the Aqua+?
A: Yes, the Aqua+ sleeve is tested for up to 50 reuses. Cochlear recommends
replacing the Aqua+ sleeve every 50 uses or if the Aqua+ sleeve becomes
worn or damaged. The Aqua+ Coil is tested for up to 180 uses. Individual
results will vary depending on frequency, duration and type of use.