Cochlear Aqua+ FAQs

FAQs about Cochlear customer support about the upcoming waterproof sleeve for the Nucleus 5 and Nucleus 6 processors!

Q: What is the Aqua+?
A: The Aqua+ is a soft, flexible silicone sleeve that fits over an existing
CP810 or CP900 series processor. When used with the Aqua+ Coil, it allows
CI recipients to participate in water activities where additional
protection is needed.

Q: Is the Aqua+ waterproof?
A: Yes. The Aqua+ has achieved an IP68 ingress protection rating in 3
metres of still water for 2 hours. Cochlear also performed extensive “real
life” testing to simulate bathing in soapy water and swimming in
chlorinated or salt water.

Q: Which processor(s) is it compatible with?
A: The Aqua+ is designed to work with Nucleus 6 CP910 or CP920 processors
and the Nucleus 5 CP810 processor with rechargeable batteries only.

Q: Can I use my regular coil and coil cable with the Aqua+?
A: No, the Aqua+ should only be used with the specified Aqua+ Coil. This
integrated coil-cable is designed specifically for underwater swimming in
all water types, while your standard coil and coil cable are not.

Q: Can people re-use the Aqua+?
A: Yes, the Aqua+ sleeve is tested for up to 50 reuses. Cochlear recommends
replacing the Aqua+ sleeve every 50 uses or if the Aqua+ sleeve becomes
worn or damaged. The Aqua+ Coil is tested for up to 180 uses. Individual
results will vary depending on frequency, duration and type of use.