Cochlear announces Nucleus 6 system

N6The Nucleus® 6 System is our most advanced hearing solution to date, designed with a clear purpose – to help you simply enjoy smarter hearing.

The announcement doesn’t say when the processor will be available.  It is awaiting FDA approval in the US.  Key features of the processor include combined electro-acoustic stimulation, and wireless connectivity (when the accessories become available).

Learn more here!

Nucleus 6 User Guide

AB launches Naída CI Q70 in Europe and Canada

Naída“Sonova Holding AG, the world’s leading provider of hearing solutions, announces today that its subsidiary Advanced Bionics (AB) is launching its new Naída CI Q70 (Naida CI) sound processor. The device is now commercially available in Europe, Canada and several other countries in the world.”

Read more about it in Sonova’s Naída CI Q70 media release dated 23 May 2013.

Naída CI Q70 User Guide

More New Cochlear Processor Spy Photos

Cochlear CP910 CP920

These photos confirm that Cochlear’s new processor will be available in two versions.  The larger one has an accessory port, which can be used for direct audio input, a lapel microphone, or with earbuds or headphones to check that the processor and audio accessories are working properly.

Notice that two rechargeable battery sizes are shown.  There is also a disposable battery option, and a battery holder that uses two disposable batteries.

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New Cochlear Processor Spy Photo

CP900 SeriesOnce again, delivers spy images of a new product!  The CP900 series  from Cochlear, dubbed Nucleus 6 on various web forums,  seems to come in two sizes.  The image shows two different battery sizes, but the processors themselves are different as well.

Advanced Bionics New BTE Processor – Coming Summer 2013

484652_10151360832718010_354740260_nAdvanced Bionics leaks a bit more about programs for the new BTE processor. It looks like you can get an implant now, and get the latest processor when it becomes available this summer in the US.

Look for the ‘Answering the Call‘ page on Advanced Bionics’ web site, and fill out the form for more information!