Big Push for Jacob’s Ride

Jacobs injuriesWe’ve all heard about Jacob getting clipped by a truck (hit and run), just 180 miles short of his final stop in the 11,000 mile tour to raise funds for cochlear implant charities.  From Jacob’s Ride:

Jacob update


Here’s what you can do:

  1. Donate.  And if you’ve already donated, do it again!
  2. Share today’s news.  Everybody we’ve spoken with today has asked how to donate.
  3. If you have a Jacob’s Ride T-shirt, wear it!  And tell everybody about Jacob.

Jacob Clipped by a Truck!

2-St-Louis-Sept-6Jacob Landis has been bicycling all spring and summer to every MLB ballpark to raise money for cochlear implant charities.  After nearly 11,000 miles, a chase van that died, and 180 miles short of his final stop, he posts:

“Got hit by a tractor trailor’s mirror tonight less than 4 miles to the end of the ride. Concussion and a pretty bad left arm.  I am only 180 miles from the last stop in Miami but cant finish the ride because of the arm. Spent a while in the ER.”

Link to this page on FB, share it, spread the word.  Contribute if you haven’t already, or again if you have!  Let’s all help him ride a wave of support into Miami!

Jacob’s Ride – the Dylan Challenge


Cochlear implant recipient Dylan raised over $650 for Jacob’s Ride in just one week!  Jacob and Dylan would like to challenge you to help raise funds for Jacob’s Ride.

The biggest fundraiser for Dylan’s challenge will earn a trip for two to Miami to join Jacob for the ride finale on September 24th. Second place gets a children’s bicycle, and third place earns some selected Jacob’s Ride memorabilia!

Jacob is riding over 10,000 miles this summer in a record heat wave to help people get cochlear implants.  You can participate in the Dylan Challenge without even breaking a sweat!

Register now at Jacob’s Ride!