Talking to your audiologist

If you’re not comfortable with your audiologist, find a new one. It’s very important to build a good relationship with your audiologist because;

  • You should be able to explain how things sound to you
  • Confidence in your audiologist helps you to explain your hearing better

Questions to ask your audiologist during your cochlear implant assessment:

  • How long have you been doing CI mappings?
  • How many have you done?
  • What are your expectations for my being a successful CI user?
  • What do you consider successful in relation to speech recognition?
  • What do you consider successful in relation to musical enjoyment?
  • How easy is it to contact you with questions?
  • Can I email you?
  • What would the response time be?
  • If I have an issue with my mapping, how soon can I get an appointment with you?
  • I plan to request a (X manufacturer’s)  implant.
  • How many (X manufacturer) patients to you see?
  • Are you fully skilled with (X manufacturer) products?
  • How long does a typical mapping session last?
  • Given my type of loss, how successful to you expect my results to be?
  • What do you consider “success” when it comes to speech recognition?
  • Ask the audiologist to write answers down for you

– Deanna Seigler