Tips and tricks

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Universal Tips

Are you tired of your gear’s stock colors?  Customize it with Skinits! Make sure to sign up to receive discounts by email.

Decorate your processor or headpiece with fingernail decals.

Don’t you wish there was some way to hang on to your processor when it flies off during your favorite extreme sport?  In the US, Ear Gear may be just the ticket. You can also get Ear Gear in the UK.

If you plan to be away from a power source for extended periods, or would like an emergency backup for power outages, use this to charge your rechargeable batteries with your 12V car adapter.

Advanced Bionics

In really loud places, try ClearVoice on high AND turn your volume up a bit too. You might find that helpful at noisy places such as HLAA conventions. You could also try 80 IDR with ClearVoice, or a pulse width of 39.5 which some users report can give more clarity.

If you find that the telecoil mode gives you a quiet, constant buzz, this is because the IDR is too high for telecoils.  Have the audiologist reduce the IDR on the telecoil program just until the buzz disappears.


Auto telecoil can be very convenient – the telecoil turns on when you hold a telephone speaker up to your processor.  But sometimes it cuts out when you don’t want it to, and less frequently, it turns on when you aren’t using the phone.  If you would prefer to use your remote or a processor button to access the telecoil, have the audi disable Auto-telecoil.


To use the FineTuner remote control, you have to sync it to your implant.  This video shows you how.

Learn how to connect battery-powered devices to your OPUS 2 processor.