AB Processors to be Compatible Wirelessly to Home Phones

DECT phone

No intermediary device required!  Connect directly to the Phonak DECT phone, or use the Phonak EasyCall to connect directly to your existing  Bluetooth-equipped mobile phone, and Naída CI Q70 sound processors.

Advanced Bionics announces future compatibility with Phonak EasyCall and Phonak DECT Phone.

The Phonak EasyCall* accessory is designed to provide universal, discreet, and hassle-free communication with any Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone.

  • Attaches directly to the phone
  • Streams directly to both ears for best sound quality and speech intelligibility
  • Supports all brands of cell phones, including iPhone and Samsung
  • No intermediary device needed

The Phonak DECT Phone* is a cordless phone for everyone that provides an easy-to-use phone option at home or at work.

  • Enjoy calls on your landline phone
  • Transmit sound directly to one or both ears to reduce noise and maximize speech understanding – hearing aid users experience 40% better speech understanding¹
  • One solution for the whole family – family members without hearing loss can use the DECT Phone just like a regular phone
  • No intermediary device required

Advanced Bionics (up to) Half-Off Sale on Wireless Accessories

Gateway bundle

Wireless Gateway Bundle – 20% off

The North America Advanced Bionics webstore is offering discount prices on the Communication Bundle, the Media Bundle, and the Wireless Gateway Bundle for a limited time.  Each bundle comes with two of these three items – the ComPilot, the Remote Mic, and the TVLink II. These two bundles, containing the big-ticket ComPilot, are 50% off for a limited time.

If you already have the ComPilot, the Gateway Bundle completes the set, with a Remote Mic and a TVLink II!

Super secret tip – you don’t need to be an AB recipient to order from the store! So if you know somebody who uses a compatible Phonak hearing aid, feel free to share this post.

communication bundle

Communication Bundle – 50% off

media bundle

Media Bundle – 50% off

FDA Approves Cochlear Nucleus 6 Wireless Accessories


The FDA has approved the wireless accessories for the Cochlear Nucleus 6 processors.

Effective November 18, 2014 the Nucleus 6 System configuration will allow candidates to choose up to four wireless accessories as part of their System Kit at no additional charge.

Current Nucleus 6 users with a Plus One option can redeem it for a wireless accessory beginning December 1, 2014. For all other Cochlear users with a Nucleus 6 Sound Processor, wireless accessories can be ordered from the Cochlear web store on December 1, 2014, as well.