Advanced Bionics (up to) Half-Off Sale on Wireless Accessories

Gateway bundle

Wireless Gateway Bundle – 20% off

The North America Advanced Bionics webstore is offering discount prices on the Communication Bundle, the Media Bundle, and the Wireless Gateway Bundle for a limited time.  Each bundle comes with two of these three items – the ComPilot, the Remote Mic, and the TVLink II. These two bundles, containing the big-ticket ComPilot, are 50% off for a limited time.

If you already have the ComPilot, the Gateway Bundle completes the set, with a Remote Mic and a TVLink II!

Super secret tip – you don’t need to be an AB recipient to order from the store! So if you know somebody who uses a compatible Phonak hearing aid, feel free to share this post.

communication bundle

Communication Bundle – 50% off

media bundle

Media Bundle – 50% off