Past, present and future R&D

Cochlear implants : Where we are and where we’re going – a Powerpoint slideshow by Amber M. Gardner, Ph.D., CCC – A University of Virginia Health System, which offers a fascinating look at the progress of cochlear implants with photos that will make your hair stand on end! There were some very brave pioneers and we are eternally grateful to them.

Cochlear implant hybrids (2006)

Totally implantable cochlear implants for middle ear deafness. A paper was presented, The development of a tympanic membrane sensor for a totally implantable cochlear implant or hearing aid, (1997) but as yet, nothing has been developed from this. However, see this article by Rahul Sharpeshkar, Analog VLSI and Biological Systems lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2006). You can read an explanation of their system at Mimicking the ear.

Considerations for design of future cochlear implant electrode arrays (2008)

The Neurelec Digisonic SP binaural cochlear implant moves away from bilateral implantation and allows the wearer to hear in stereo with one processor and two microphones. UK news item (2010).

Advanced Bionics released the first waterproof cochlear implant processor, the Neptune (2012).

– Tina Lannin