More Info from AB on the New Processor

1882977020The Advanced Bionics web site now has pictures and information about the new processor.  The DuoPhone feature from Phonak, illustrated above, allow bilateral and bimodal users to hold the phone up to one side, and have the sound streamed wirelessly to the other.


Another picture from the site shows a disposable battery option.  The flyer lists four options.

Stay tuned to CochlearimplantHELP for news about the new processor as it becomes available!

Advanced Bionics New BTE Processor – Coming Summer 2013

484652_10151360832718010_354740260_nAdvanced Bionics leaks a bit more about programs for the new BTE processor. It looks like you can get an implant now, and get the latest processor when it becomes available this summer in the US.

Look for the ‘Answering the Call‘ page on Advanced Bionics’ web site, and fill out the form for more information!