Cochlear Nucleus 6 US Launch

cp900-series1Cochlear Americas announces the commercial launch of the Nucleus 6 system on September 30th, 2013.   In the interim, there will be a Technology Exchange Program for anyone who chooses a Cochlear System today. The program allows new Nucleus 5 recipients to exchange their Nucleus 5 Sound Processor(s) for Nucleus 6 Sound Processor(s) at no additional cost upon availability of the product.

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FDA Approval – Now What?

product-launchMED-EL recently rolled out the RONDO processor.  Cochlear has just received FDA approval for the Nucleus 6.  And AB is awaiting FDA approval for the Naída CI.  Why isn’t the new hardware available as soon as it has been approved?

Two executives from Advanced Bionics offer some insight into the process of launching a new product, including the risks and challenges of getting the product to market as soon as possible.

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