Cochlear Receives FDA Approval for MP3000 Sound Strategy

MP3000, a new sound strategy from Cochlear, has received FDA approval.  The strategy promises to extend battery life about 24% over the existing SPEAK/ACE strategies.

While SPEAK/ACE are based on 8-10 spectral components, MP3000 uses 4-6 components. No significant difference was found for the speech scores and for coding preference between the SPEAK/ACE and MP3000 strategies.

Thanks as always to Bob MacPherson for breaking the news of FDA approval of the MP3000 sound processing strategy!

Cochlear Receives FDA Approval for MRI on Several Implants

mri-magnetom-skyra-mediaviewer_10-00092827-10The US FDA Approves many Cochlear (brand) implants for 1.5T MRI with magnet in place with the use of the Cochlear Nucleus Implant Bandage and Splint Kit, and for 3.0T MRI with magnet removed.

The following Nucleus Profile and Freedom implants are covered with this approval:

• Nucleus Profile: CI512, CI522, CI532
• Nucleus CI24RE: CI422, CI24REH, CI24RE(CA), and CI24RE(ST)

*Does not apply to CI24R, CI24M, CI22M

FDA notice of PMA supplement approval

Credits to Bob MacPherson for coming up with the scoop!

New Electrode Array for Cochlear

Cochler array portfolio

Cochlear has received FDA approval for the CI532, a member of the CI500 series cochlear implant.  A new pre-curved, perimodiolar array, the EA32, is introduced into the cochlea through a straightening sheath. The array is shown at the bottom of the image.

No information is available as of yet on market availability.

New Cochlear Wireless Accessories in US, Canada

Cochlear’s Mini Microphone 2 and Mini Microphone 2+ from ReSound are now available in the US and Canada.


Key Features of the Mini Microphone 2:

  • Smallest True Wireless Microphone option available on the market
  • Range of over 80 feet with clear line of sight
  • 10 hours of talk time on a single battery charge
  • Directional microphone for improved one-to-one communications
  • Recharges in 3 hours with included charger
  • Private and secure connection
  • Reconnects automatically when signal is broken
  • Easy to use

Key Features of the Mini Microphone 2+ include:
All the features of the Mini Microphone 2 PLUS:

  • Omni-directional microphone for use in large groups
  • 11 hours of talk time on a single battery charge
  • FM connectivity
  • Built-in telecoil
  • Ability to connect with other personal electronics via plug-in
  • Pairing button status indicators
  • Low battery light indicator

For more information, see Cochlear’s marketing brochure.

Cochlear Introducing New Wireless Accessories

Cochlear Mini Microphone 2+

Mini Microphone 2+

The new Cochlear Mini Microphone 2 and Mini Microphone 2+, by Resound, will be available for Cochlear Nucleus 6 users soon.

Starting March 8th all system and upgrade orders will automatically default to the Mini Microphone 2+ when the Mini Microphone is selected. Patients who ordered the first generation Mini Microphone between March 1 – March 8, 2016 as part of an upgrade or system order will be able to exchange it for a Mini Microphone 2+ at no additional cost if desired. For all other orders, Cochlear’s standard Return and Exchange policy applies. We anticipate shipping the Mini Microphone 2+ beginning March 21, 2016 and the Mini Microphone 2 will be available later in the spring.

Information on the Mini Microphone 2+ is available in the ReSound Multi Mic datasheet.

Cochlear Tests Single-Unit Processor


Cochlear is testing a single-unit external processor similar in form factor to the MED-EL RONDO.  With a code name, or perhaps eventual market name of Kanso, the processor operates on 2 675P high-power zinc-air batteries.  And like the RONDO, a tether is available to help retain the processor if it falls off.

Kanso safety line.PNG

Unlike the RONDO, the Kanso has a multi-function button which enables a small set of adjustments.   In child mode, the button is used to change programs.  To change volume or sensitivity, the audiologist must enable the features to be adjusted by the CR210 Remote Control or the CR230 Remote Assistant.

Combinations of long and short presses on the button allow the user to select external inputs, including a built-in telecoil and a sequence of any paired wireless accessories. The wireless capability is a substantial difference between the Kanso and the RONDO.

Kanso parts

The two microphone ports allude to some implementation of a zoom feature, which is helpful in noisy situations.  Like the RONDO, the processor sits directly over the implant magnet, which may not be the ideal location.  A zoom program is likely to be very useful.

The Kanso is programmed to work with only one implant, so it won’t work if you are bilateral and put it on the wrong side.  It does not seem to have the capability of recognizing which ear it is on and loading the appropriate programs.

To learn more about the Cochlear Kanso, read the draft User Guide.

Free Shipping on CiWear Shirts

37ba4bb6d5-Ci-Wear-TM-logoCiWear and Cochlear Implant HELP are proud to offer free shipping on CiWear merchandise to the Continental US until 12/31/2015.  Use voucher code ‘cochlearimplanthelp’ at checkout.

The folks at CiWear who make the shirts that hold off-ear cochlear implant processors securely and manage cables now offer shirts in two different materials – one for swimming, and another for sports.

Ci Wear Swim

Ci WearTM teamed up with Victory KoreDryTM, a manufacturer with 30 years of experience in water sports gear, to manufacture our shirts in the USA. CiWear Swim

Key Features:

  • KoreDryTM fabric that is 80% nylon and 20% lycra
  • water-repellent
  • Breathable
  • Dries quickly so you stay warmer
  • Raglan sleeves and flatlock stitching for added comfort and flexibility
  • U.V. tested at UPF 50+ (equal to SPF 150+) factor both wet and dry giving it a rating you can depend on to protect your skin against the damaging rays of the sun when in or out of the water

Ci Wear Sport

Made with high performance premium quality Wicko active mesh for moisture management to keep skin cool and dry. Ideal for all your indoor and outdoor activities, including swimming. The lightweight, stretchable fabric combined with raglan sleeves, and flatlock stitching make for easy movement, flexibility and added comfort.

Key Features

  • Made of 100% Polyester
  • Quick drying
  • Breathable
  • Moisture management (wicking)
  • lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for putting under uniform or wearing as a exercise shirt
  • Pockets fit the Neptune, AquaCase and smartphones and digital music players upto the size of an IPhone 6