Cochlear to Obsolete Nucleus 5 Sound Processor

Cochlear has started the obsolescence process for the Nucleus® 5 processor.  This email was sent to current N5 users by Cochlear Americas.  Currently, this applies only to recipients in the United States.

“Our promise of “Hear now. And always” means we strive to bring you improved sound processor technologies and services designed to help you hear moments that matter most to you.

The Nucleus® 5 Sound Processor has been in the market for nearly eight years. This means that the sound processor is reaching its end of life; hence, we begin the obsolescence process. Our records indicate that you may currently use a Nucleus® 5 Sound Processor as either your primary or back-up sound processor. Please make note of the following milestones:

End of Sale – Effective immediately, the sound processor is no longer available for purchase. Aftermarket components and accessories such as coils and cables will remain available for purchase contingent upon supply levels until June 30, 2018.

Repair Services – Cochlear will continue to repair the sound processor through June 30, 2018. All repair warranties will end on June 30, 2018.

End of Life – The sound processor is no longer supported after June 30, 2018. This means that if your Nucleus® 5 Sound Processor stops working, Cochlear cannot repair it. Or if you lose a part or accessory, Cochlear cannot replace it.”