Northeast Cochlear Implant Convention

A unique coming-together of cochlear implant users, their parents, grandparents, spouses, educators, and clinicians that only happens every-other year:

The Northeast Cochlear Implant Convention
Friday-Sunday July 26-28, 2013
Holiday Inn, Boxboro, Massachusetts
Friday’s sessions are geared towards professionals, particularly those who work with children with cochlear implants. Saturday and Sunday is of general interest to people with cochlear implants and their families, and a great place to meet others.  Child care and children’s programs keep the kids entertained with fun activities and excursions, letting adults attend talks or just mingle.  There will also be groups for teens and – new this year – a program for young adults. (This is the same meeting held previously in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.)
You do not need to be a CI recipient to attend. Everyone is welcome: those with CIs as well as individuals who use hearing aids, parents of children who use hearing aids, and people who don’t use any kind of hearing devices, deaf and hearing alike. 
For more information, including registration, visit:
Be there and make it great!
Clinicians/Educators:  If you have patients/clients/students that may be interested in going to this conference, please forward this announcement, including to those who are considering a cochlear implant for themselves or a family member.  It’s a great place to meet people and ask questions.