Sonova (Advanced Bionics) Investor Presentation April 2013

Click to view the Sonova Holdings, parent company of Advanced Bionics investor presentation

Points of interest for Advanced Bionics users include:

  • Product pipeline on page 9.  The bottom row shows that the low-power wireless communication system in the upcoming Naida CI Q70 will transition to digital in future processors.  The new technology is described on pages 16-19.
  • The Advanced Bionics product pipeline is on page 27.  For 2013 we see the HiFocus Mid-Scala array, the HiRes 90k Advantage, and the Naida CI Q70 processor. New arrays, implants, and processors are scheduled roughly every year! This year’s products are described on pages 28-31.
  • HiRes Optima, the low-power extended battery life strategy, is mentioned on page 32.  The strategy is compatible with Harmony and Neptune processors as well as the Naida CI.