Keep Practicing with Music!

musicThe Hearing Journal reports that music perception with cochlear implants improves with practice and experience.  Excerpts below.

“Higher speech perception scores and increased amount of focused music listening have also been positively associated with melody recognition abilities. (Ear Hear 2005;26[3]:237.)”

… and …

“One group, for example, found that CI users who participated in only a one-week to two-month training program demonstrated significantly improved abilities to recognize semitone distances, identify melodic contours, and recognize familiar melodies compared with baseline performance. (Ear Hear 2007;28[3]:302; Ann N Y Acad Sci 2009; 1169:518.)

Improvements in performance increased as the training period continued in duration. Follow-up testing one month after training revealed that performance was still significantly higher than baseline, suggesting possible long-term benefits of music rehabilitation.”

Read the whole article here.