Cochlear Implants Aren’t Just for People


Humanoid robot Rex, currently visiting the London Science Museum, sports a pair of cochlear implants among many other technological marvels.  Since there is nothing biological about him (it), he isn’t truly bionic.  Read for yourself, and decide whether he falls into the bionic or robotic category.

Bionic Hand Increases Size of Cyborg Army

Bebionic3 Cyborg Hand is Perfect for Pouring a Beer, Doing Almost Anything Else

You can make a robotic arm and hand system as fancy as you want, but it has to be comfortable, lightweight, and easy to control or nobody is going to use it. The bebionic3 weighs just 550 grams (for the record, your hand and forearm weighs about 2.3% of your body weight), and as you can see in the vid, with a little bit of practice it’s controllable with muscle movements that are small and precise enough that the arm appears to just do what the user wants it to.

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