Use Any Processor With Your Implant


Boston, MA, USA (April 1st, 2016) Boston-based biotech startup Cyberdyne Systems has announced the world’s first truly universal cochlear implant headpiece.  The OneWorld™ headpiece automatically detects the model of the processor and of the internal implant, and acts as a translator between them. With the OneWorld™ headpiece, processors from any cochlear implant manufacturer will work with implants from any manufacturer.

OneWorld CF

Carbon Fiber

For example, if you have a MED-EL implant and would like to use the wireless accessories for the Advanced Bionics Naída CI Q90 or Cochlear Nucleus 6 processors, you can switch to those processors at the time of your next upgrade.  And the OneWorld™ headpiece will make your implant compatible with the processor.

Or if you have a Cochlear brand implant, and would like a processor with the Advanced Bionics T-Mic, the OneWorld™ headpiece will ensure compatibility.

OneWorld Titanium


The OneWorld™ headpiece uses the highest-grade rare earth magnets, resulting in the world’s lightest and lowest profile cochlear implant headpiece. The low profile enhances compatibility with more hats and helmets. The flat outer surface is designed to accommodate commercial and hand-made decorations without unsightly cuts or wrinkles.

Case options include carbon fiber, titanium, and a variety of colors in medical-grade plastic.

If you have access to your desired processor through your audiologist, family member, or friend, you may try out the OneWorld™ headpiece for 30 days with the ListenUp! program from Cyberdyne Systems.

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