Cochlear Announces Availability of Nucleus 6 Wireless Features

Cochlear announces that the wireless accessories for the Nucleus 6 processors are finally available! These include the Mini Microphone, the Phone Clip, and the TV Streamer.


Mini Microphone

Hear no matter where you go.

The Mini Microphone gives you the freedom to hear more clearly no matter where you are. From lecture halls to one-on-one conversations, use the portable wireless clip-on microphone to transmit speech and sound directly to your sound processor.

  • Clearer speech delivered straight to your sound processor
  • Lightweight and portable so you can use it anywhere
  • Do more with plug-and-play audio streaming

wireless-phone-clipPhone Clip

Disconnect. Then connect.

Bluetooth-enabled wireless gives you control over your smartphone device. The Phone Clip gives you a hands-free connection to friends and family using your smartphone. Make calls and carry conversations without having to take your phone out of your pocket. With Bluetooth technology, place and receive calls and adjust volume at the touch of a button.

  • Hands-free streaming directly from the phone to you
  • Block out surrounding noise so you can enjoy comfortable conversations even in noisy places
  • True Bluetooth control

wireless-tv-streamerTV Streamer

Expand your TV experience.

Enjoy stereo sound directly from your TV. With the TV Streamer, you don’t have to choose between your favorite TV show and taking part in conversation. You get a balanced experience with sound from the TV streamed directly to your sound processor while you’re still switched on to what’s going on around you.

  • Don’t disturb others while watching your favorite show
  • Watch TV without overpowering or cutting sounds from the microphone on your sound processor
  • Easy connection and automatic reconnection