Advanced Bionics AquaCase Available in the US

Advanced Bionics announces the US availability of the AquaCase for the Naída processor.

$100 discount introductory offer

From bath time, swimming and snorkeling, to skiing, trail hiking, mountain biking, mud running and rock climbing, the durable AquaCase offers Advanced Bionics recipients uncompromised hearing performance and peace of mind during even the most rugged adventures. To ensure it safeguards the Naída CI sound processor in any environment, the AquaCase features a security lock and special corrosion-resistant materials that stand up to water, dirt, mud, sand and other grime. Recipients can wear it just how they like it, with a compatible clothing clip, on an armband* or securely attached to a lanyard.

AquaCase 2The Naída CI Q70 processor is inserted into the AquaCase, with a waterproof connector plugged into the headpiece cable socket. And a T-mic or ear hook fits into the AquaCase so there is no need to remove them. The AquaMic waterproof headpiece microphone is connected to the external portion of the waterproof connector.  In order to minimize the size of the AquaCase, only the smallest rechargeable batteries, the PowerCel 110, will fit inside.

Over time the only part of the system that may occasionally need to be replaced  is the O-ring seal, which is easily accomplished without any tools.

AquaCase 3

Pricing for the AquaCase and accessories is $475, and if you don’t already have an AquaMic and AquaMic cable, the complete system is $950.  Until December 31st, 2014, Advanced Bionics is offering a $100 discount on either the AquaCase or the AquaCase & AquaMic in the United States. Contact customer service to order yours today!

*Purchased separately.