App Review: Rehabilitation Game

Tina Childress, Audiologist

Tina Childress

Rehabilitation Game, Neurelec

For iPad, iPhone

Rehabilitation Game by Neurelec is a great FREE app and was developed to work on auditory skills in either French or English, in either Adult mode or Child mode (they use the same stimuli but the interface is a little different) and at different levels that get progressively more difficult.

You will be working on the following skills:
1.   Detection  – tap on the screen when you hear the stimulus
2.   Discrimination – tap on the screen when you hear the stimulus that is different…this one was HARD and towards the end, even if you are in English mode, I noticed some stimuli with funny looking accents. 🙂  Methinks there is a bug.
3.   Identification – tap on the item that you hear…this is across a variety of environments like a bathroom, kitchen, backyard, on a street

One feature that I always appreciate is that it will keep track of your progress over time.

Happy Hearing!
Tina Childress, M.A., CCC-A
Educational Audiologist, late-deafened adult, bilateral cochlear implant recipient, techno-geek


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