Approved, coming soon!

Advanced Bionics has received FDA, TÜV, and Health Canada approval for the HiRes 90K Advantage™ implant. The Advantage implant features mechanical improvements to the antenna.

In simple terms, this means improved impact protection to an implant that already has the highest impact resistance in the cochlear implant industry;

  • AB HiRes 90k: 6 Joules
  • Cochlear CI24RE: 1 Joule
  • MED-EL SONATA: 2.5 Joules
  • Neurelec Digisonic SP: 3.2 Joules

This new array will be available in the US and Canada is the Fall of 2012, and in Europe in Winter 2012.

For more information, contact Advanced Bionics at

Cochlear Americas has received FDA approval of the world’s thinnest, full length electrode for cochlear implantation.

This new electrode array is designed to offer surgeons an increased choice of arrays that accommodate elements of preservation, insertion, stimulation and performance. The new Slim Straight takes this to the next level with its patented unique design combination of apical flexibility and basal support to allow for a smooth single motion insertion and minimal trauma. In addition, the electrode features a patented Softip and half banded contacts for a smooth silicone lateral wall surface.

For more information, contact Cochlear Americas.